It’s official !

I wanted to write this yesterday but I totally forgot to do it because I was absolutely exhausted. Buuuut I’m finally officially enrolled for my higher education in primary education. Reads a bit weird, but could not think of another way to put it 🙂 .

The woman that had to enroll us officially was a bit weird. She said absolutely nothing… Which was weird because technically she should have asked to see my secondary diploma, but she didn’t. And also a couple of other things she did not ask.. Also normally she should have taken the picture of my identity card to put on my student card. But she didn’t which meant that had to take a picture of my on the spot. And I was totally unprepared and I absolutely HATE HATE HATE my picture right now. I hate it so much that when the year starts I’m going to see if I can change it. It’s just horrendous and not just that I’m not even completely in the photo. A part of the right side of my face is just not there AND in the background there’s standing someone else. That’s also one of the reasons it’s covered, even if I show it to my friends and family.

19457827_10211722873261427_1772175306_o (1)

I’m just constantly thinking .. God no I can’t have this picture for three whole years 😦 .

But back to the positive!! My campus is only one year old, so it’s a very modern and new building. Very eco-friendly, lots of space, delicious and cheap food, silent libraries to study, etc. You’ll also find sockets (in the walls and floors) everywhere to charge your phones and/or laptops. Even in aula’s and classrooms you’ll find sockets every two meter.

Also the communication between the school and myself goes very easily. I mean I got a code to get me started yesterday. And if I log in, in the next 5 days I’ll start to receive e-mails and notifications already.

I’m getting excited to start the new school year in september. Are you?


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