Completing my current course

Only one week to go and I’ll have finished my Bread and Pasty Chef course. Today was kind of a positive and negative day. I had to defend a business management paper about and imaginary business. I had prepared exactly like I was supposed to, I learned all the definitions of terms I used and prepared questions the might ask.

I was the second person to go in. In the classroom were the three teachers that teacher me on the business management part. Firs of all, I noticed they actually read through the entire thing – which is really nice to know – and had there questions prepared.
The first two teachers were really nice and asked the questions you could have expected and therefore I could answer them well. And that was it for them. They even put my business management paper aside to show they really did not have any more questions.

BUT then … It was time for the third teacher. You know I was kind of prepared for him to be a complete jackass. He has been since the first day we had him. Also he showed unacceptable behavior towards all the women in my class – a real sexist and perf.
But back to my exam.. He began by asking me questions about things I did not even use in my business management paper. It was ridiculous!! You could even see on the other teachers faces they did not understand why he would ask those questions because it had nothing to do with my paper.. He was just asking me definitions of things I really did not have to know for this day!

You can imagine how pissed I was when I left the room. Luckily a bit further in the hallway were some of my classmates that I could vent to. I mean when I told them what he had asked me, even the girl that went before me was stunned.

At the moment I’m scared if the fact I wasn’t able to answer his questions will lead to me failing that part of my studies or not. But if that’s going to be the case you better believe you’ll see me at the administration desk for a big complaint.

But for now I’m going to wait it out, concentrate on my practical exam and write the questions he asked me down. Just to be safe, you never know.

Fingers crossed that I pass.
Have you ever had a bad experience with a teacher/professor?


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