My very first steps…

About two weeks ago now I went to the college I’m likely going to attend to speak to someone who could help me with the whole process. And most importantly help me decide if educator really is something for me. Even though I was already 99% sure.

Step 1: Signing up online
This step makes it easier for you to go to administration and get you signed up for real. Another positive advantage is that from the moment your singed up online, you get e-mails form the college. This way you don’t miss any important things you might forget if you’re attention was not drawn to it.

Step 2: Making an appointment
Step two is a great example why step one is so important. In the first e-mail I got from my future college there were two things I did not know I had to do.
First I have to make an appointment with the school to get me officially signed up. Which means paying the admission fee, etc. This wil probably also be the moment I’ll get my list of books I need to get.

TIP #1: How earlier you get your list of books, the faster you can go and look for cheaper/second hand versions of the book.
Because budget is something I really need to look out for and study books can be super expensive this is my first priority after getting the list.

Step 3: Taking a test
You might have noticed that I did not state what the second thing mentioned in the e-mail was. Well, the other thing was that the college starts with a new thing this year. Every student that wants to start any kind of educational studies has to take a couple of tests. These are to see where you as a student are on the things you need to know.
It’s also important to know that even if you fail big on these tests you can still start the year. But the school advises you to take extra classes or a tutor on those subject to not fall behind.
Personally I think this is something they could instate in every school. I mean even it doesn’t withholds you from starting the year… It can only be positive for you.

Just think how good it would be if you knew you’re not that good at a subject BEFORE the exams start. So that you don’t have to retake that exam in the summer.

Step 4: Singing up officially
The 24th of june is going to be the day, somewhere in the afternoon I’ll officially be a educational study student. (wow say that ten times fast :p)

But I’m not there yet! First I have to finish my current course (Bread- and Pastry Chef). Which will be done the 12th of june and only then I will be taking the tests. Because even though the results you get don’t affect you getting in to the course. I still want to do good on these. #Perfectionist

I’m getting nervous all over again! Who else got nervous when it was time to sign up for college?


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